Japanese Razor Saw

This is Mike’s favorite tool in the world. It cuts on the pull stroke and is incredible at cutting compared to standard American saws.

7.5″ Circular Saw

Best reviewed saw under $50.

10″ Chop Saw

This is the best selling one on Amazon.

SKIL Table Saw

This is the cheapest table saw on Amazon that has good reviews. Unfortunately the one we bought doesn’t exist anymore.

18″ Pry Bar

Well reviewed and good price.

Carpenter Square

If you are already ordering something from Amazon go for it but this is so basic I would buy it locally.

20V Cordless Drill

Most of our house was built with this cordless Black and Decker drill. 

SKIL Routing Table

If you want to do DIY windows or shiplap then you need a routing table and this one won’t break the bank.

Reclaimed RV Trailer Tool Kit

4.5″ Grinder

This model is the best deal with the best reviews. The grinder is key for cutting, sanding, and of course grinding off extra metal.

Sanding Disks – 10 Pack

Also known as flapper wheels, these are very satisfying to use when restoring your trailer.

Helmet + Face Shield 

This is the most versatile helmet for working on a tiny house and is ideal for using the grinder. It has ear protection, eye protection, and head protection. I wear one often (Mike).

Dust and Paint Mask

With sanding dust this is key. This also specifically designed to reduce exposure to spray paints.

Metal Stud Tool Kit

Tin Snips

Best reviewed and good deal.

3″ Hand Seamer

High quality brand we use.

Tin Snips + Seamer

The best deal if you need both.

Speed Square

Quality and reasonably priced.