DIY Barn Door

Our Video

Our Door Design

A barn door is simply a sliding door with an exterior metal track that is usually made of over-sized metal hardware. Tiny houses tend to chose these because pocket doors don’t quite have a nice aesthetic and they don’t swing out and limit your already limited floor plan. We chose a nordic style chevron pattern based on other inspiring DIY projects. For example, we really love @aleksandrazee‘s panel art on instagram. Because we were faced with such unique dimensions we couldn’t buy a barn door at our local hardware store that would fit the way we wanted. This meant that since we were going to modify a door anyway, we might as well look to our local ReStore to see what they had. It turns out they has a damaged hollow core door that could be cut down to the size we wanted for $3! 

Hardware and Stain

Rubio Monocoat – Dark Oak 20 or 100 ml

Here is the same stain available in smaller quantites that will likely cover you on a smaller project like this one.

Rubio Monocoat – Dark Oak 350 ml

This is the stain that we haved covered much of our interior in. It smells good, goes on in one coat, and is waterproof. This 350 ml can is enough to cover a lot of surface.

Door Slider Hardware – 5 ft

We used this 5 ft Homlux hardware kit which is very reasonably priced and has been great so far.

Door Handle and Lock Latch

If we get fed up with grabbing the door and getting it dirty we will get this handle.

How it Works

The door first needed to be resized which involved cutting off a few inches on two side and since it is a hollow core door which is basically two pieces of 1/4″ ply with a wooden frame around it, it also means reinforcing the open edges we cut. We did this by shaving a little bit off a 1″ x 2″ so it was 1 5/8″ wide and can slide between the two 1/2″ layers.

The door facing is simply made of 2 inch plywood trips that are 3/8″ thick. These are glued and clamped or weighted down. Now for some detail that we didn’t include in the video which is the patterns. This pattern simply repeats in each of the four quadrants of the door.