DIY Windows

Our Design and Process

We wanted a nice wrap-around view from out bedroom so we wanted a pretty massive array of windows for a tiny house. We ended up going with a set of three custom windows that are fixed (don’t open) that span 8 feet and another two windows (one fixed, one opens) that span about 5 feet. These are all double pane windows that we had made from a local window company for about $500. We then build our own frames using 2x4s and a routing table. Attemping to buy a set of wooden windows of this size – especially if we wanted a custom slant – would have been astronomical and upwards of $2,000.

The process simply involved putting in the order for the glass window inserts and then running the 2x4s through the table saw and router to create a stock piece that we connected with screws, caulked, and added a little piece of metal flashing to the bottom of.


Silicone Caulking

Gorilla glue is a great option if you want your windows to stay sealed

Routing Table

The routing table we used is no longer available but this one by SKIL is the most comparable in price and reviews. 

Routing Bits

The kit of routing bits we used which is ver versatile and can be used from a variety of projects.

Speed Square

Quality and reasonably priced.