Who Are We?

Tiny it Yourself is a project that is designed to empower people to create their own living space by providing information and resources to help them make it happen. This project has mainly manifested as a YouTube channel which can be seen on the Videos tab. We are both highly passionate about learning, building, creating, and making knowledge available to a wide audience. 

Mike AKA Mic the Vegan

Mike has a YouTube channel called Mic the Vegan that has 350,000 subscribers and over 30 million channel views. His channel focuses on the research around reversing diseases with a vegan diet and the environmental and animal effects of diet. He has a background is creative problem solving, sustainability (B.S.) and is currently a Masters in Public Health student. 

Code Name: Squirrel Muffin


Lyndi is a green building knowledge bank whose chemical sensitivies have lead her to become a master of eco materials and products in general. She has a B.S. in Sustainability and been a professional organic gardener, eco-consultant, and is the brains behind Mike. She is passionate about saving the Earth from climate change especially if it involves crafting.

Code Name: Lyndisauce