Project Parts & Appliances

Rubio Monocoat – Dark Oak 20 or 100 ml

Here is the same stain available in smaller quantites that will likely cover you on a smaller project like this one.

Rubio Monocoat – Dark Oak 350 ml

This is the stain that we haved covered much of our interior in. It smells good, goes on in one coat, and is waterproof. This 350 ml can is enough to cover a lot of surface.

Door Slider Hardware – 5 ft

We used this 5 ft Homlux hardware kit which is very reasonably priced and has been great so far.

Door Handle and Lock Latch

If we get fed up with grabbing the door and getting it dirty we will get this handle.

Trailer Break Away System

This is a requirement and will automatically engage your breaks if the trailer is disconnected. It uses a battery so it can engage the breks when it isn’t connected.

Schluter Drain

High quality brand we use.

Tin Snips + Seamer

The best deal if you need both.

Speed Square

Quality and reasonably priced.