Lower Your Amazon Shopping Footprint

If you are like us you might cringe a little bit when you order a package from Amazon. It’s not a small business, the products are shipping long distances, and don’t forget that packaging *Ouch my eco-heart burns*.  While it will usually be more eco to shop locally (there are always exceptions), why not buy those products that make your dream project affordable enough to be possible in a more eco-friendly way? Here are some steps in the right direction.

Say No to Two-Day Shipping

You might have Prime and want to take advantage of that two-day shipping because after all, you paid for it, but consider the potential extra footprint. However, if the goal of the shipping company is to get the product to you fast then it may send trucks out half full and massively decrease the environmental efficiency of their shipping route. The extra days they have when you didn’t chose two-day shipping allows them to efficiently organize routes and therefore lower the footprint of orders on average. If you have a project that can wait a couple extra days then definitely un-check that box for two-day shipping at checkout and instead simply say “Free Shipping.” Now they even have perks for it. If you want more inspiration to do this, check out this VOX video below.

Consolidate Your Orders

The more separate orders that are shipped to you, the higher the delivery fuel footprint and the more packaging used. Think of shopping on Amazon more like you would if you were going to the store to shop in person. You don’t randomly go three times a day to buy something on impulse, you get everything you need when you are there. Heck, you might even bring a list! Our modernized technique is to make an official Amazon list for each bigger project and slowly add items until we need to pull the trigger and buy it all at once.

Buy Used on Amazon Warehouse

We love buying used on Amazon because in our experience there is no noticeable difference in the quality of the product. Our stainless steel farmhouse sink is used, was in perfet condition, and saved us money! There isn’t always a used option for the product you want but sometimes if you don’t need the product right away you can wait until one pops up. You can also search used by clicking this button below. You might not notice the difference at first but look closely at the search filter on the left of your search text.

Choose Frustration-Free Packaging Products

This option is a bit confusing because it should just be called “lower waste packaging” but nonetheless, it is probably a bit less frustrating. There are a variety of products on Amazon that can ship without that second Amazon box around them or the packaging in between those boxes. This isn’t all products but you can click the button below to search for products that are.