Rubio Monocoat – Dark Oak 20 or 100 ml

Here is the same stain available in smaller quantites that will likely cover you on a smaller project like this one.

Rubio Monocoat – Dark Oak 350 ml

This is the stain that we haved covered much of our interior in. It smells good, goes on in one coat, and is waterproof. This 350 ml can is enough to cover a lot of surface.

Rustoleum for Painting Over Rust

This is the ideal product for saving a ton of time removing rust from a reclaimed RV trailer or any other rusty part you want to give a new life.

Anti-Mold Paint (Less Toxic Than KILZ)

This is what we used in our bathroom under out shower to keep it from molding. This is also a great paint to use if you subfloor is going to be sitting outside for a while.